AWWA Award of Excellence

AWWA Award of Excellence


1.   Mrs Kalpana Suresh has been at the forefront of all welfare, vocational training and health initiatives of the unit. She has also rendered exemplary humane service at station SUJOK Clinic.



2.   Mrs Kanchan Kaur is a Diploma holder in Medical Lab Technology and has been conducting regular lectures for all ladies on HIV and AIDS awareness. She has also been taking free tuitions upto IX standard for children of OR. She is seen as a role model. It is her continuous endeavour to encourage other OR ladies to be self-employed and independent.



3.  Mrs Anuradha Dutta has been performing the duties of Principal, Vajra Asha School, Jalandhar Cantt with exceptional dedication, professionalism and zeal. Her work has contributed significantly in bringing up the Vajra Asha School. Her commitment has been par excellence for which she has earned tremendous appreciation.



4.  Mrs Sharmistha Basu through her dedication and hard work has transformed Asha School, Lucknow into a vibrant institute which has helped the specially abled children to become self-reliant, ready to face the challenges of the society.


5.   Mrs Sarika has through her selfless commitment and sustained efforts improved the facilities at VTC and ensured that quality education is imparted to the ladies, leading to their empowerment in the true sense.



6. With her commitment, constant support and undeterred will power, Smt Raji Gopan has been training families of JCOs & OR in various fields selflessly and with dedication. She has been a willing worker in all the AWWA activities of this establishment. 



7. Mrs Prem Lata has initiated a “Clean and Green Environment” drive in the unit and has inspired ladies to live in harmony with nature. She has been complementing Swach Bharat Abhiyan by educating the ladies on harmful effects of non biodegradable polythene.


8. Mrs Shashi Singh as the chairperson, FAFA & Environment Committee has been actively involved in the welfare of the families staying in Stn has been the driving force behind all the AWWA activities in Delhi Area.