ASHA Schools

ASHA Schools

Facilities Available. Under mentioned facilities are available at the school in order to provide effective interventional and remedial therapies:-
(a) Speech Therapy
                (i) For children with Hearing impairment and speech problems.
       (ii) For children with delayed speech and language problems.


(b) Occupational and Physiotherapy

(i) For the management of children suffering from developmental delay.

(ii) To help the children to learn the correct body posture and the correct  use of aids and appliances.

(iii) To  entertain  child’s  requirement  regarding  physical   and  mental deficits according to the area of intervention, in which the child  should  be focussed upon.

(iv) To conduct individual classes for regular update on functional skills.

(v) Patterning and gait training.

(vi) Self help skills.

(vii) Exercises to avoid contractures in cerebral palsy cases.

(c) Hydrotherapy
(i) Facility for rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy Intellectual & developmental disability and autism.
(ii) Leads to normalisation of abnormal postural tone.
(iii) Relieves muscle spasm.
(iv) Improves balance and coordination.


(d) Equine Therapy


      (i) Animal assisted therapy which helps in increasing physical, mental, emotional and developmental capabilities.


     (ii) Helps   strengthen   spine   and   pelvis   muscles,   improve   posture,  coordination and enhance the joint mobility.


    (iii) Instil a feeling of control combined with sense of accomplishment and self esteem.

(e) Canine Therapy.
(i) Animal assisted therapy which helps in increased attention and duces anxiety. 
(ii) Helps in behaviour modification programme. 
(iii) Helps to coordinate the movement and communication in child.


(f) Pottery.  The school provides clay activity to refine their gross and fine motor skills.


(g) Library.  The school library is equipped with story books, educative and entertainment CDs and LCD projector.


(h) Computer Training Room.  The school has computer training facility in a separate room to provide the  essential hands on experience to each and every student.




(j) Pre Vocational Training. To impart essential skills to encourage the students towards self reliance. The students are trained towards preparing the following items:-


(i) Preparation and decoration of Paper bags


        (ii) Preparation and designing the Table mats


(iii) Colouring and decorating the pottery items.


(iv) Photography.


(v) Notebook making.


(k) Herbal Garden & Garden of five senses. There are a variety of herbal plants avl in the school and a garden of five senses to give practical exposure to children about the five senses like Touch, Smell, Taste, Vision and hearing.


(l) Play ground.     Mini basket ball court is available in the play ground. 


(m) CCTV Camera System There are a total of 32 x CCTV cameras installed in the school for monitoring and security purpose. 


4. Important Visits / Events

(a) Mrs Namita Suhag, President AWWA visited AWWA Asha School Delhi Cantt    on 05 Sep 2014. During the vis, the President AWWA was shown the various    facilities and class rooms of the children. She complimented all teachers    of Asha School on the occasion of Teachers Day. As a token of    appreciation, gifts were distributed to the students, teachers and support    staff of AWWA Asha School Delhi Cantt. 



(b) Diwali Mela

(i) Stall of Asha School, Delhi Cantt was established on the occasion of Diwali Mela at Harbaksh Stadium on 21 Oct 2014. The stall had on display various items                      prepared by students to included diyas, tables mats, candles, paper bags etc. 

(ii) Mrs. Namita Suhag, President AWWA took keen interest in the stall. The stall was very well received by the visitors and recorded a profitable sale of items. 



(c) Mrs. Payal Sharma, Chairperson, Higher secondary schools, Mrs. Nandita Verma, Secy AWWA & Mrs. Monika Sharma visited Asha School on 03 Dec 2014. They interacted with the Principal and teachers. They were briefed on all the activities and facilities available in the School and were highly appreciative of the efforts being put in by the Principal & the staff. 



(d) Mr. Arvider Singh Paul, Founder and MD of Rainbow Schools (U.K.), for disabled and orphaned children visited on 03 Nov 2014. He was accompanied by his wife, daughter (a special child) and a teacher. They interacted with the Principal and teachers and shared best practices of their organization.



(e) Mr. Akash, graphic artist visited Asha School on 13 Nov 2014 and conducted a workshop on graphic arts with active involvement of all the children of the school.



5. Inter School Competitions

(a)  14 students participated in the 5th Delhi Sports festival on 27 Aug    2014 organized by ‘Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women’ at National Bal Bhavan,    Kotla, Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi. 06 students of Asha School bagged    prizes in various events. 



(b)  6th special athletic meet on 19 Nov 2014 at Sneh-Kunj, Home of spastics, Dwarka, New Delhi was organized under the aegis of ‘Special Olympic Bharat’ – Delhi. Total 30 children from Asha School, Delhi Cantt participated in various events at the athletic meet. The children won prizes in various categories taking the total medal tally to 19.



(c)   07 Children participated in the 57th International Week of the Deaf this year organized by ‘The Deaf Way Foundation’ on 22 Nov 2014. The event included inter school painting & quiz competition.The event provided an exposure to the children for similar competitions in the future. 



(d)  22 Children participated in ‘Unified Sports State Championship – Athletic & Bocce’ organized by Special Olympic Bharat on 17, 18 & 19 Dec 2014 at Thyagraj Stadium, INA, New Delhi. A total of 70 schools all over Delhi participated in the event. 04 children bagged prizes in various events.



6. Achievements

(a) Master Ajit Kumar S/o N Sub R V Gupta represented Delhi State in 100 Mtr Race, Long Jump, Shot Put organized by Special Olympics Bharat. He  Won                            Silver Medal in 100 Mtr Race.



(b) Prakash Chandra (Ex student and present employee) of Asha School was selected for participation in cycling in National games held at Bhopal from 20 Jun to 25 Jun 14. He won Gold Medal in 10 Km Cycling race & Silver Medal in 5 Km race.



(c) 02 children participated in Regional Games organized by Special Olympic Bharat at Jaipur wef 13 Sep to 18 Sep 2014. Komal Preet Kaur bagged Gold Medal in Soft Ball Throw and Silver Medal in 50 Mtr Race.