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     I am grateful to The God Almighty for giving me this opportunity of carrying forward a noble tradition with Asha, Vishwas and Aastha in my heart. Together, we shall strive to achieve the cherished goals of AWWA and spread the message of love, care and affection to one and all.


     We, the Army wives, can, and will, work together as a force for betterment of our families in particular and the Army fraternity in general. We should strive to seek new and workable models that will empower the women and differently abled children of the ‘Sapta-Shakti Family’ through innovative and creative concepts.


     There are lofty heights to achieve and numerous challenges to meet, which all of us together will have to accomplish in future. I exhort all members to join in and walk towards achieving the noble mission of AWWA.


     I wish all members happiness, prosperity, harmony and boundless joy. I look forward to your willing cooperation and support and carry forward the mantle of AWWA.


                                                     Best Wishes











Sapta Shakti Command AWWA came into existence in Apr 2005. Over the years it has evolved into a multi-faceted, vibrant and a well-knit organisation that has been successful in channelizing the collective energy of its members into achieving the organisational goals. It has worked towards empowerment of the wives of our soldiers who mostly come from humble background. SWC AWWA  has initiated various programmes to help them grow in personality development and etiquette, family and social values, personal and family healthcare. All the activities are carried out in accordance with the instructions received from the Central AWWA.


Aims & Objective  


  • Promote Self Reliance and Independence.
  • Improve ‘Quality  of life’ and  maximize  the ‘Happiness Quotient’ .
  • Nurture the mind-set and attitudes towards changing times.   


Vision   Vision of Sapta Shakti AWWA  is enumerated below:-  


  • Women Empowerment to include Nari Suraksha.
  • Safety and Status of the Girl Child.
  • Awareness in families about Child Abuse.
  • Power of Internet and Cyber Security
  • Health Care of families and children.
  • Personality Development.
  • Resident Welfare Association with focus on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.
  • VTCs – Provide Development and Training in diverse skills. 




  • All welfare activities to be well planned and meaningful.
  • Education,  economic, social and class composition of troops and families to be taken into consideration while planning vocational training and welfare activities.
  • Dignity, respect and concern for  troops  and  their  families to  form the basis of all welfare activities.


Change of Leadership.   Mrs Bindu Sarath Chand assumed the appointment of Regional President AWWA, South Western Command on 01 Feb 2016. A Special Welfare Meet was organised at Jaipur Military Station on 03 Feb 2016 to welcome the Regional President AWWA. She addressed the AWWA fraternity enunciated her desire to bring about a peaceful, contented, stress free and joyful environment in all household of the command, through meaningful AWWA ventures. Articulating her concerns, she stressed that Empowerment of Women, Safety and Status of the Girl Child and Marital Discord cases should be our high priorities in the present times. She outlined that development of skills and confidence was imperative for harnessing women power.




The  Key focus  areas are - Women Empowerment, Nari Suraksha, Creating Awareness amongst families regarding Child Abuse, Safety & Status of the Girl Child.

It has also been our endeavour to promote Cleanliness , Hygiene and Sanitation and bring about improvement in the quality of life of all our families at all stations of the Command.Chairpersons/Directors of the FWOs of Formations / Units and other officers’ wives visit JCOs and OR married accommodation to enquire about the well being and upkeep of the surroundings.

To shower blessings on the birth of new born babies and to give guidance on healthy parenting, the Directors, FWO at respective locations pay visits to the couples. The couples are advised on nutrition and medical aspects necessary for providing a healthy life to the mother and the new born.

Vocational training is being conducted at all the VTCs of the Command to enhance the skills of families, to make them self reliant and thus empower them financially and from within. All facilities available at VTCs are being fully exploited by the families and they are being encouraged for maximum participation and utilization of the resources.
Health is the Greatest  Wealth. He who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything. Importance of healthy living is regularly emphasized during welfare meets and general interactions.  To ensure good health of our families, a lot of activities like awareness lectures, health check-ups and medical camps are being organised at all stations.
Inauguration of Asha School.   Mrs Vineeta Sahni, Regional President AWWA inaugurated the Asha School on 23 Jan 2016 at Jaipur Mil Stn.
Visit.  Mrs Bindu Sarath Chand, Regional President AWWA visit to Chetak Asha School on 08 Feb 2016 at Bathinda.
Recreational Activities.  To promote mental and physical development of Asha School Children, several recreational activities were organised.
Army Pre Primary Schools
As children grow into early childhood, their world begins to open up. To develop  basic life skills, independence, and knowledge , they need Pre-Primary Schools. Pre - Primary  schools are the building blocks of a child’s elementary education. These schools ensure the physical, mental and emotional growth of a child.
A total of 27 Army Pre Primary Schools (APPS) are functioning in South Western Command. The salient features of these schools are: -
  • Each APPS caters for approx 200 to 500 children. 
  • These schools follow common syllabus, dress and fee structure etc. The school curriculum is uniformly updated as per inputs from Central AWWA and AWES from time to time.
  • The schools are updated with modern facilities and wherewithal to ensure the best possible growth and development of our toddlers. 
  • The schools attempt to prepare the children for a smooth transition for their admission to Army Schools/ KVs.
Activities conducted for children aim at development of overall personality. In addition to their academic curriculum, the activities held included quiz and various competitions, career guidance, counselling, sports and games, recreational activities and summer camps.
Education Related Activities
Quiz Competition.   A Quiz Competition was organised for the students of APS Alwar. The aim of conducting the Quiz Competition was to motivate children to enhance their general knowledge & awareness so that they can compete in various exams.
Lec cum Demo “Precautions During Trt Attack”. Lec cum demo on ”Precautions to be taken during Fidayeen/Trt Attack” were org by this fmn for the families & children on 26 Oct 15. The lec/demo was shown in two parts, i.e a Black Demo followed by a White Demo. The common mistakes unknowingly committed by most of us during such incidents were shown to the audience in the Black demo.  Thereafter, a white demo was displayed wherein the families and children were briefed on the correct & right actions to be taken to minimize the cas and to negate the aim of the miscreants. Handouts giving out the actions to be taken during such trt attacks were also distributed to the families.
Veer Naris/War Widows/Widows. The total strength of Veer Naris/War Widows/Widows residing in the AOR of South Western Command is as under :-
It is our commitment to take care of our Veer Naris/ War Widows/ Widows. The South Western Command is totally dedicated towards fulfillment of its obligations in this regard. 
Activities to interact and honour Veer Naris were undertaken at various stations of the Comd.  
Golden Jubilee Celebration of 1965 Indo-Pak War.   Golden Jubilee of Indo-Pak War 1965 was celebrated in Suratgarh Mil Stn on 22-23 Sep 15. To address their concerns, interaction with Veer Naris, War Widows and Ex-serviceman was held prior to conduct of the event. A total of 26 widows of 1965 war were felicitated during the event. 
 Veer Naris/War Widows/Widows.  Cheques and other utility items  were distributed to Veer Naris and War Widows during Gunner’s Veteran Mela organised by HQ South Western Command at Jaipur on 04 Nov 15.
Field Area Families.   In the Command  Zone, Bathinda, Faridkot, Kota, Bikaner, Mathura, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Alwar, Hisar and Dipatoli are the eleven FAFA stations. Regular family welfare meets of FAFA families are org at all stations with reps of Station HQs and MES in attendance to resolve all their  problems at priority. The following facilities have been provided at all stations to FAFA families :-
Bus for school going children.
Mobile veg shop, Bakery and Library.
Home delivery of LPG cylinders.
Regular visit by senior ladies.
Ferry bus service for railway station and civil market.
Qtrly FAFA Ladies Meet chaired by senior most lady of the stn.
Army telephones have been provided at all FAFA locations.
FAFA Families Welfare Meet & Interaction Session
Celebrating Diwali at Jaipur, Mathura and Bathinda stations.
Picnic for Families.
WI-FI Zone.  Wi-Fi Zone has been established at Suvidha Cell in JCOs/OR md accn at Allahabad. This facility is being provided free of cost to all the families
Vermiculture.   Vermiculture literally means worm growing or worm farming where earthworms are used primarily for the production of compost. Vermiculture has been established in the DOT Environment Park & Training Area (DEPTA) at Hisar with an aim to produce vermicompost for organic fertilizers and to develop a rich biological resource having multiple commercial as well as environmental usage.
Mushroom Farming.  Mushroom farming was started at Ranchi by 104 Engineer Regiment in July 2014. The project was started by growing two varieties  of mushrooms, namely the Oyster Mushroom and the Milky Mushroom. The project has been started on a small scale with the support of Indian Council  of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
A woman’s role over the years has changed tremendously and is making its greatest impact in our society today. Women are standing tall and are playing a major role in many important areas. We at Sapta Shakti Command  believe that the  pivot of every happy and prosperous  family is the woman. A  happy, healthy, confident and socially aware woman can amicably steer her family towards a better quality of life. Hence, all our welfare activities, essentially lay emphasis on enlightening and empowering the woman,  to help her make her home progressive and her husband a confident and contended man, who can give his best to the organization.
South Western Command