Central Command

Mrs Radhika Ravindran, Offg Regional President AWWA Central Command

President’s Message


      It’s a great privilege to lead the Central Command AWWA and I am sure the Surya AWWA will excel in the days ahead.

     AWWA is a glorious organisation that serves the interests of Army families and promote their  welfare especially in the field of education and health .

     I am sanguine that we in Central Command shall work together and reach out to the families of Central Command and meet their aspiration and bring a smile on their faces.  Our commitment to the Veer Naris will always find a special space in all our activities.

      I thank my predecessors for their contributions and take inspiration from them to continue the fine traditions of this Association.


                                                                        Mrs Radhika Ravindran

                                                                        Offg Regional President AWWA

                                                                        Central Command




A strong sense of responsibility for the well being of the soldier and his family, constitutes a pivotal and sacrosanct aspect of army life.  At Central Command AWWA, we believe in caring and sharing, and the thrust has been to help the soldiers who selflessly guard the unity and integrity of India by relieving them of anxiety about their families.  It strength lies in the inbuilt bond of love and understanding of a truly integrated family of women who hail from different back grounds but are bound by the uniqueness of being married to the olive green.


1. To make a significant difference in the lives of each beneficiary of Surya family by creating a platform for positive and harmonious progress for every one. 

2. Our aim is to jointly provide unflinching and everlasting support to families of our serving and retired persons, and Veer Naris, as they ‘Aspire, Seek and Attain’, in the fields of education, skill acquisition and health care, in coordination with Central AWWA.



3. Surya Matrimonial Website.The Surya Matrimonial website launched by Regional President AWWA Central Command on Army net on 23 Aug 10 saw tremendous response from the environment. The website being user friendly has easy navigation facility offering features like free registration, quick and advanced search, browse facility, feedback and FAQs. It has more than 838 registered users and approx20940visitors to the website as on date.

The website front page

4. On popular request from the users, a Hindi version of the frontpage of website has also been introduced. 

5. Surya Jal Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant.The Surya Jal RO Plant has been procured and established with the aim of providing safe drinking water to all ranks and families as well as Regimental Institutions/ Clubs in the station. The Surya Jal Plant has been established at a total expenditure of Rs 24,44,828.00, funded by AWWA Fund and Command Welfare Fund.

6. As the venture is primarily meant for welfare of JCOS/OR and their families, cost of Surya Jal Jar (20 ltrs) has been kept to the bare min i.eRs10/- per Jar. To cater for the day to day recurring expenditure, the cost per Jar for offrs has been kept at Rs 12/- and that for Clubs and Institutes at Rs 20/-. The plant is being automated to a capacity of 500 Jars per hour with a cost of 9 Lakhs.

7. Surya Kiranti Paper Project.   With the aim of reducing environmental pollution, the ‘Surya Kiranti Papers’ project has been established for recycling paper waste generated in the offices. The project functions under 11 GRRC and is located in their premises. It recycles waste paper generated in the entire station into usable end products like file covers, letter pads and envelopes. Established through AWWA funds at a cost of Rs7.5 lacs, the project has been operational since 18 Dec 2009. An impetus has been provided to the project by providing paper bags to the SainikSuvidhaParisar Shops and also providing gift bags for Diwali and other functions, thus increasing the sale.

8. Surya Vocational Training Centre (SVTC).   SVTC has been established with the aim to achieve excellence in evolving a dynamic vocational training model consistent with changing times and need of Army Wives.

9. It empowers them and enriches their lives and that of their dependents emotionally, socially and financially. AVTC organises and runs courses for the dependents of serving defence persons, ESM, civilians paid out of defence estimates to rehabilitate war widows and their children. Smart boards have been placed in all the classes and students make feel use of them.

10. The skills on which vocational training is imparted are selected through interaction and consultation with JCOs/OR families. Priority is given to vocations which are useful and can be pursued at home, adding to the family income. A highly qualified teacher has been employed for English speaking classes which have become very popular. The students have considerably improved their English speaking skills.

11. ‘TaazaMasale’ Project.An AWWA Grocery Shop is being run in Surya SainikSuvidhaParisar to generate employment for Veer Naris/ Widows of ESM. Four Veer Naris,after being suitably trained at ‘Akanksha’, have been employed for operating the project. At present, the masalas are being ground and sold in AWWA Grocery Shop under the brand name ‘TaazaMasale’.

12. 13 varieties of high quality masalas are being prepared and marketed at highly competitive rates. The increased sale of the masalas is primarily due to high standard of raw material being procured and good hygienic packing.The products include Haldi, Dhaniya and   Mirchi Powders, Garam Masala, Besan, Soya Bean Atta etc. A soft loan of Rs 10 lakh has been given to the project to take it further and possibility of supplying masala to other fmns within the Comd zone, where such a facility does not exist has been undertaken. 

13. AWWA Driving Training School.Central Command is running a Driving Training School at Lucknow to impart driving a four wheeler to the defence personnel/ ex-servicemen, war widows and their dependents and there after obtain a valid driving license on successful completion of the training, thus empowering them in the society.

14. The Driving School has a well equipped class room which includes TV, DVD player, electronic road sign board, technical charts, boards and old spare parts of car for training of the candidates. The school has been registered with Transport Commissioner on 12 Mar 2010.

Central Command