1. Welfare of families of serving army personnel and ex-servicemen is an important aspect of Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), ARTRAC AWWA monitors and directs various AWWA welfare activities of Category ‘A’ Training Establishments, which are spread over the length and breadth of India from Gulmarg to Chennai and Pune to Vairangte.


2. The role of AWWA is to organise projects and activities to enhance the welfare of familes of serving soldiers, ex-servicemen, widoes, specially challenged children and separated families of Army personnel who are serving in field areas. AWWA activities are geared towards making the families self-reliant, knowledgeable and confident to face the day to day challenges of life. AWWA thus helps the ‘Army Wife’ and frees the soldier of worries about his family.


3. The objectives of ARTRAC AWWA are as under:-

(a) Running of AWWA educational institutes.

(b) Organise technical education i.e. Computer/Information Technology (basic working knowledge) and Vocational Training Courses for the Families of Service personnel.

(c) Institute measures/activities to generate adequate funds for the smooth running of various welfare project.

(d) Project problems and aspirations of families of service personnel and ex-servicemen to the appropriate/competent military authority with a view to resolving issues.

(e) Organise awareness programmes related to the following:-

(i) Empowerment of woman and the legal rights of woman.

(ii) Health care and medicine.

(iii) Financial management.

(iv) Concessions and grants available from civil administration, NGOs and the Army.

(v) Literacy/education.

(vi) Provide assistance in legal cases, where deemed fit.

Responsibilities of ARTRAC AWWA

4. The specific responsibilities of ARTRAC AWWA are as under:-

(a) To oversee AWWA projects/activities of HQ ARTRAC and Category ‘A’ Training Establishments under command HQ ARTRAC.

(b) To examine AWWA activities of Training Establishments and provide advice for improvements.

(c) To inspect educational and vocational training schools being run by AWWA within the command as also provide directions for establishment of such schools and ventures, where feasible.

(d) To obtain feedback from the families of service personnel and ex-servicemen.

(e) To act as an interface between various AWWA Welfare Committees of Category ‘A’ Establishments and AWWA of the Indian Army.

(f) To nurture the financial health of AWWA organisations of Category ‘A’ Establishments.

(g) The President ARTRAC AWWA to visit AWWAs of Category ‘A’ Establishments at frequent intervals- at least once every year.


5. Temptations.  Food items are procured from local dealers. Frozen Food items like broilers, mutton, chicken items are purchased from Kaul Farms, Chandigarh duly packed in containers. These are kept in deep freezer in shop for sale. 5% to 10% profit is charged on bakery items, soft drinks, Ice Cream, Tea, Coffee etc.

6. Sajni Shop.  A Shop on pattern of departmental store is being run under the aegis of AWWA, ARTRAC to facilitate provisioning of those items which are not included in the inventory of CSD. The shop caters for providing of daily need items to defence personnel and their families in the station at a nominal cost. The items stocked in the Sajni Shop include variety of handicrafts, dress material, decorative items, kitchenware, ladies purses, high quality leather goods etc. An extension counter has recently been opened up at Summer Hill to meet the aspirations and needs of the families residing there.

7. Family Welfare Centre.  FWC has recently been renovated and is located within JCOs/Ors living accommodation in Summer Hill Complex, Shimla. Vocational Training classes in Tailoring & Knitting’, ‘Beautician’, ‘Food Processing’, ‘Soft Toy making’ etc are conducted in Nari Shiksha Kendra. Professional tutors for various courses are employed from time to time. Six sewing machines and two Knitting machines are available in the Centre to impart training in tailoring and knitting. A new ‘Fashion maker’ sewing machine has been procured recently.

8.  MI Room.  An MI Room has been established at Summer Hill complex to afford basic medical facilities to the families of PBOR. It has the following facilities:-

(a) Civilian Lady Doctor- Attends sick report from 0930 hr to 1330hr.

(b) Nursing assistant Ex MH Jutogh – Available 24 hrs in MI Room.

(c) Aya – MI Room attendant.

9. ARTRAC Primary School.  The school is located near the JCOs/OR family accommodation at Summer Hill. It is essentially a preparatory school with classes from Nursery to Class V. Presently the strength of children is 160: Nursery -22, LKG-23, UKG-28, Class I -22, Class II -17, Class III -16, Class IV -15, Class V -17. The teaching staff consist of 12 teachers including the Principal. The fee structure is :-

(a) Admission fee Rs 1200/-

(b) Security Rs 2000/- (Refundable)

(c) Annual Charges Rs 1200/-

(d) Tuition fee Rs 550/-pm (Nur to UKG) Rs 750/-pm (Class I to V)

10. Guest Rooms.  There are 05 fully furnished Guest Rooms for JCOs/OR families for short stay at Shimla. A separate TV Room has also been provided with the Guest Rooms.

11. Health Club.  A Multi Gym (with 12 stations) is available in HQ complex for all ranks and their families, Summer Hill too has a Gym for al JCOs & OR residing there.

12. Picnics.  Picnics are being organised to places of historic interest, atleast once in a quarter.

13. Dependent Identity Cards.  All families, including children above 12 years of age, are issued ‘Dependent Identity Cards’.

14. ASHA Schools.  As a policy, Army HQ has placed ASHA Schools under Regional Command AWWAs. No Asha School is therefore, functioning directly under ARTRAC AWWA. However, following Category ‘A’ Establishments have Asha Schools being run by them:-

(a) Army War College, Mhow.

(b) AMC Centre and School, Lucknow.

(c) EME School, Baroda.

(d) Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

(e) School of Artillery, Devlali.


15. In order to coordinate welfare activities of ARTRAC AWWA, the following committees have been constituted :-

(a) Family Welfare Committee.

(b) Committee for Counselling on Marital Discord.

(c) ARTRAC Primary School to include Counselling and Child Development.

(d) AWWA Sajni Shop and Beauty Parlour Committee.

16. The wives of senior officers of ARTRAC are the Presidents/Members of these committees who meet at frequent intervals to review their work and institute measurers for progressing the chartered welfare activities.


17. President ARTRAC AWWA routinely interacts with President AWWAs of all Category ‘A’ establishments. The interaction is generally on issues such as:-

(a) Publishing of AWWA Journal by AWWA Sectt, New Delhi (for articles).


(c) Matters pertaining of monetary benefits, health, employment and contemporary subjects.

(d) ARTRAC Primary School to Include Counselling and Child Development.

(e) AWWA Sajni Shop and Beauty Parlour Committee.

(f) Monetary assistance.

(g) Asha Cards from establishments where Asha Schools exist.

(h) Essay competitions.

AWWA Conference

18. Bi-annual AWWA Conference under the chairpersonship of President AWWA of Indian Army is held in the month of Apr and Oct at New Delhi. It generally co-incides with the Army Commanders Conference and lasts for three days. The Regional Presidents of all Command AWWAs attend this conference. Agenda points such as welfare of the families of JCOs/OR, widows, ex-servicemen, management of various schools, including Asha Schools for the specially challenged children, Medical Facilities, funds generation etc are discussed at length and decisions regarding policy, planning and execution of projects/welfare activities are arrived at during this conference.

AWWA Brief

19. Details of AWWA activities concerning all Category ‘A’ Establishments are compiled alongwith photographs in the form of a magazine. This is required to be sent to AWWA Secretariat minimum 15 days prior to the scheduled date of AWWA Conference. Accordingly, the details are received from Category ‘A’ Establishments.


20. ARTRAC AWWA constantly endeavours to improve the projects and facilities created at ARTRAC as also at Category ‘A’ training establishments in the country. Empowerment of ‘Army Wife’ by launching literacy and awareness drive with regard to health care, legal rights and financial management of the household will continue to be the primary objective AWWA.

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