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Southern Command  



                                   SOUTHERN COMMAND


    Its with great feeling of being ‘Blessed’ that I share my thought with you all as the Regional President, Southern Command.

   I humbly request each formation Cdr’s wife at every level to personally interact with and every lady at your formation. I believe we elders have to be very approachable, patient, magnanimous with the younger ladies and it is our duty to mould them into the Army life with love and affection. You have to be a role model for them.

   With the multifarious tasks the Army men have to perform, risking their lives, we ladies need to manage the home front with dignity. It is with great sorrow that I pen, about the marital discord cases being on the rise within the Army. We all need to introspect that education and being economically independent is the need of the hour, but should it be at the cost of family life? We must lay emphasis of togetherness, loyalty, sincerity, dedication, integrity and brotherhood in our formations.

   During my last 9 months in the Southern Command I had the privilege of visiting almost all the formations and interacting with the ladies. I have been extremely pleased to note the enthusiasm, energy and vitality that each one of them displayed in every activity they performed. I am confident that we will continue to celebrate and embellish the rich heritage of our Great Army.


            With love and best wishes.


                                                                            Mrs. Usha Singh